The elders are the men who look after us spiritually.  They provide personal counsel as well as spiritual wisdom and guidance for the congregation.  These men and their families devote many hours to serving in our church family and nurturing our faith.


Henry Haliburton


Bill Payne


Dr. Darrell Blaylock


Robert Wicker




Much of the work at South Main is done by a temporary group of volunteers who are gathered together just for that project.  Some areas of ministry, however, require constant attention and leadership.  For these areas of ongoing effort the congregation has appointed deacons; men invested with the responsibility and authority to lead us in these special works.  We look to them for much of the leadership in our congregation.  Their families and they invest much heart and effort into the South Main family and bless us all in their sacrifice.


Dave Adams - Deacon over Foreign and Local Missions


Trey Payne - Deacon over Youth Ministry


Charles Fuller- Deacon over Fellowship


Ronnie Scarborough - Deacon over the Building and Grounds


Ray Purvis - Deacon over Visitation and Guest Appreciation


Sam Holdeman - Deacon over Service to our Shut-ins and Hospitalized


Clayton Seymour - Deacon over Finances