Being an extended family for all our members, helping each other get through this world, and building each other, young and old alike, into the full image of Jesus.

To serve those outside our church family by relieving their struggles, and pointing them towards knowing Jesus; working to transform the world into a place where God's will is done.

To nurture and build in everyone a deep sense of trust and dependence on the Bible; to know what it says, and to build our lives upon it.

To lift God in reverence and in worship; to serve Him and praise Him with heart, soul, strength, and mind... everything we have.



Thank you for wanting to find out more about us.  Here you'll find information on who we are and what we believe.  You'll also find all the information you should need to visit whenever you are in Greenville.


Everything we do at South Main is oriented towards one of our major callings:


We believe in the living God... Father, Son, and Holy Ghost who made us for fellowship and wants to live with us all.

We believe the Bible is from God and an infallible source for what we need

to do to please Him and live our daily lives.


We believe God instituted the church as a community where we all come

together as sinners in order to lift us all closer to God.